Ferro Silicon-Ferro Silicon is a essential element in the manufacture of steel and, in fact, is known as the ‘bridesmaid of the steel industry’ since it has no substitute. It is used primarily as an additive for deoxidation and also as an alloying element.It is produced by the reduction of quartz (SiO2) in a submerged arc electric furnace using carbon as the reducing agent. The most widely used form of carbon are charcoal, coal, and coke. Nextgen can supply Ferro Silicon with following specifications:

The normal specifications are:

Silicon (Si) 70-75%

Aluminium (Al) 1.25% max.

Carbon (C) 0.15% max.

Phosphorous (P) 0.05% max.

Sulphur (S) 0.05% max.

Size 10-150mm 90% min.

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